Our Staff

The School has a stable and high quality teaching team. Currently 15 teachers are employed as classroom teachers. The School also has a pool of relief teachers as back up. All teachers are either qualified teachers with accreditations from Australia or with teaching qualification and experiences from China. Many teachers have attended systematic training courses by China Hanban, Overseas Affairs Office of State Council and Community Language School Association. All teachers are well trained and believe in “happy learning Chinese” philosophy and engage children to learn in a fun and interactive environment.

  • Zhu Meng
    Zhu Meng

    Zhu Meng was born in a journalist family and is good at singing and dancing. She has a wide range of interests. She has a bachelor's degree in Japanese Language and a master's degree in Law. She had worked in legal area for many years and received a level 3 Judge certificate in 2004. Miss Zhu's rich experience has formed a solid foundation for her teaching career in Australia.

  • Zhang Hua
    Zhang Hua

    Zhang Hua was a Chinese teacher in China. She has been with our School since 2006, teaching Chinese to senior students. Miss Zhang's rich teaching experience and rigorous teaching style are well appreciated by her students and parents. Since 2009, Miss Zhang has been holding a concurrent position as Vice-Principal of the School. She's responsible for teacher's training and the development of teaching curriculm.

  • Shi Xiao Sheng
    Shi Xiao Sheng

    Shi Xiao Sheng has a degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She had been a medical practitioner in Obstetrics for 11 years in Shanghai. Miss Shi joined the School in 2005. She emphasizes teacher-student interaction in class and is a very popular among her students.

  • Liu Wenyan
    Liu Wenyan

    Liu Wenyan holds a bachelor degree in English Education from Hebei Normal University and master of Applied Linguistics from Guangxi University. She worked as an English lecturer in China before coming to Australia and is has always been very passionate about language learning and teaching. She is studying Primary Education at University of Canberra and believes that the ideal educational system is the combination of oriental and western systems.

  • Chen Bingfu
    Chen Bingfu

    Teacher Chen received Diploma in Education from UNSW. He also has a certificate in Community Language Teaching from University of Wollongong. He teaches at Canberra High during the week. Obviously he has regular contact with local students, he knows and understands their attitude and manner towards learning. He is very good at drawing strength from his students during class activities. His students feel comfortable in his class and have show significant improvement in Chinese reading and speaking.

  • Lei Xiang
    Lei Xiang

    Teacher Lei has been teaching at FCCCI Chinese School for many years. Although she was away for a period, she never stopped loving early childhood education and teaching Chinese to children. She has Childcare Certificate 3. She is also very artistic and well loved by her students.

  • Yan Mao
    Yan Mao

    Yan Mao has a Bachelor Degree of Education from Mianyang Normal University. She has had wealth of experience teaching students of all ages a language as a second language. She had been teaching English for 4 years before she came to Australia. Then she taught Chinese in the well known Xin Jin Shan Chinese school in Melbourne for 5 years before moving to Canberra. She is very experienced with creating class activities to suit different age groups and therefore creating an lively class environment. Yan Mao is a high achiever and has received many awards.